Due to a high level of industrialization of the town’s area, the industry constitutes the main source of dust and gas pollution emitted to the atmosphere. The second source of pollution are “the low emission” from the local heat energy sources and the communications system. The number of local solid fuel boiler-houses is decreasing every year through the implementation of production process optimalization and heat distribution programme as well as the elimination of the “low emission”.

The program of complex heat energy administration in the town has been implemented since 1992 and is aimed at the liquidation of low efficiency boiler houses most often using low quality fuel, and connecting the buildings to the central heating system. The liquidated boiler houses are replaced by heat distribution centres which are equipped with automatic control devices that will enable the efficient heat energy administration.

Together with the construction of new sections of heating systems connecting new heat distribution centres to the central heating the wires of telecommunication system are laid which will enable the remote control of heat distribution centres and heating system. The telecommunication network makes it possible to set up the automatic system of settlement for actual heat energy consumption based on heat meters reading. At present more and more low-emission fuel boilers especially gas boilers are being built which has indisputable impact on the increased efficiency of energy production and the elimination of emission to the atmosphere of such harmful substances as dust, soot, tarry particles, SO2 and CO.