The Municipality of Brzeg carries out tasks of ecological education through financing the educational actions from the Communal Environment Protection and Water Administration Fund (GFOSiGW), and by promotion of ecological actions and principles of balanced development. Financial means are transferred to kindergartens, primary schools, and lower secondary schools for the purpose of co-financing of nature and sightseeing trips, purchase of teaching aids connected with ecology (books, films, maps, toys), prizes for the participation in ecological competitions, organising of ecological exhibitions, buying materials necessary for setting up school gardens and developing green areas around schools, setting up fitness trails. The educational activity of Brzeg’s Nature Protection League (LOP) is also co- financed, especially artistic competitions connected with ecology, environmental knowledge contests, the most active LOP group contests, designing and making of the educational trail in the Wolnosci Park (the common investment of LOP, The Brzeg Forest District Office, the BULiGL (Forest Management and Forest Geodesy Office), the Municipality of Brzeg. In 2003 the orthophotomap of Brzeg was made with the GFOSiGW money. As a part of educational activity we also financially support the Municipal Public Library (purchase of ecology specialist literature in order to increase the library collection).The literature on this subject matter is three times more often used than the scientific items for the general public on other subject matters.

Since 2003 there have been ecological competitions held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor in the categories of primary schools, lower secondary schools, and kindergartens.

The prizes for the competition winners in the form of computer sets are also financed by the GFOSiGW. As a part of ecological education the Municipality of Brzeg annually takes part in the international campaign “Clean the World” – Brzeg is cleaned by kindegarten pupils, schoolchildren, scouts, allotment holders and soldiers. For the past few years waste has been selectively collected in colour bags: blue colour – paper; green colour – glass; yellow colour –plastic and metal; grey or black colour –other waste. On the campaign completion, the reports are drawn up and sent to The Our Earth Foundation, which is the main initiator of the campaign.

In 2004 the Ecological Association EKOGOK (with Brzeg’s share of 58% ) organized the ecological competition “Green Forest 2004” for primary and lower secondary schools that are located in the area of association member communes. The aim of the competition was collecting and recycling of recyclable materials and handing them over to the plant in Gac to be recycled. Another objective of the competition was the promotion and implementation of recycling projects in the system of urban waste management as well as ecological education promotion.

As a part of pro-ecological actions the Municipality of Brzeg participates in the annual „Day without car” campaign.