The Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brzeg is located on the island between the River Odra and the canal. The sewage flows to the plant from two directions: from the town (through the siphone-culvert under the River Odra bed) and from the island. Additionally, there is a taking in point of the sewage from waste removal cisterns.

The sewage is provisionally cleaned on the mechanical bar screens screen and later in the grit trap and the primary clarification tanks. The grit coming from the grit trap and the street gutter inlets is cleaned in the grit washing system where the organic fraction is separated. The wastewater treatment in Brzeg is based on three-phase activated sludge used for the removal of organic compounds, nitrogen and phosporus, nitrification and denitrification of nitrogen compounds as well as the increased biological dephosphotation. Biological cleaning of sewage is based on the three-phase activated sludge (BARDENPHO) with the predenitrification chamber supported by simultaneous, intervention precipitation of phosphates with PIX.

The cleaned sewage is transported from biological chambers in an open channel through the secondary clarification tanks to the open measurement channel and then to the River Odra. The sludge separated in the clarification tanks is recirculated through the predenitrification chamber and the activated sludge chamber to the inlet chamber, and the excess sludge is transported to the sludge thickening tank. The Municipality together with PWiK sp. z o.o. (Water Supply and Sewage Company Ltd) (the wastewater treatment plant operator) are carrying out the construction of sewage system for the neighbouring communes under the ISPA project.

The scope of the ISPA project named “The cleaning of sewage in Brzeg” involves the northern and central part of Brzeg County, that is the area of 432,43 km2 as well as the area the eastern part of Olawa County of 229,2 km2. The project directly involves almost 120 thousand inhabitants of both counties, and indirectly 900 thousand inhabitants of the Wroclaw conurbation and Olawa. The project cost is 28 865 415 euro, 60% of the cost being financed by the ISPA fund. The sewage system extension project will involve the following communes:

  • Skarbimierz in the villages of: Lipki, Brzezina, Zielecice, Bierzow, Malujowice, Lukowice Brzeskie, Pepice, Kruszyna, Predocin, Zwanowice, Kopanie;
  • Olawa in the villages of: Stary Otok, Stary Gornik, Janikow, Bystrzyca;
  • Lubsza in the villages of: Blota, Dobrzyñ, Mysliborzyce, Pisarzowice, Michalowice, Szydlowice, Lubsza, Piastowice, Koscierzyce, Czepielowice;
  • Lewin Brzeski in the villages of: Strzelniki, Losiow;
  • Olszanka in the villages of: Janow, Olszanka, Pogorzela, Krzyzowice.

Besides that, the project is oriented towards the redevelopment of the wastewater treatment plant in Brzeg through the construction of deposit administration facilities with the use of the biogas created in the fermentation processes for the electric and heat energy production as well as to loading the wastewater treatment plant with another 2000m3/day of sewage collected from the neighbouring villages, enabling at the same time to reach the real capacity close the projected target capacity, that is 18000m3/day.